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Take a virtual tour throughout the walls of the school. This will guide you through all that Marysville Preschool Cooperative can provide.


Since 1993, Marysville Cooperative Preschool (MCP) has offered Marysville and surrounding communities an independent, parent-operated preschool whose curriculum reflects the latest research in early childhood development.

MCP provides a child-led, developmentally appropriate, emergent curriculum in a learning-rich environment for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 5 years.  Emergent curriculum is a way of planning curriculum based on the student’s interest and passions as well as the teacher’s.  To plan an emergent curriculum requires observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience.  Rather than starting with a lesson plan which requires a “hook” to get the children interested, emergent curriculum starts with the children’s interests.  This does not mean that the teacher does not have a curriculum plan, simply that the teacher’s plan is flexible enough to allow for new directions based on student interests and experiences.  This process requires a great deal of adaptation and creativity on the part of the teacher.

MCP values the fundamental belief that children learn through play. Through carefully crafted play opportunities, children develop social and academic skills needed to become lifelong learners. Parents and guardians benefit from a learning community that provides parent education and support.

Marysville Cooperative Preschool is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with and supported by the Family Life Education Department (FLED) at Edmonds College, the Inter Cooperative Council and the Organization for Parent Education in the State of Washington  Edmonds College provides trained, on-site Parent Educators who are in turn able to provide a wealth of knowledge, expertise and the newest information in early childhood development and parent education to the parents of MCP students.


What sets the cooperative school apart from other schools is the parent involvement. The cooperative preschool is a shared learning experience for children and their parents/guardians. The parent and child enroll in the program together. The goal is to provide an appropriate learning environment for the children as well as a supportive system for the parents. By working in the classroom alongside their children, parents are directly involved in the education of their children.  The interests, personalities and experiences of the parents can also be used to enhance the curriculum of the class.

As an affordable alternative to private preschools, a cooperative offers a unique environment for children and parents. A low child/parent ratio allows for more child directed learning opportunities with greater interaction with every child and increased supervision. Parents learn how to facilitate learning through exploration and self-discovery.

MCP functions on three levels of cooperation. Parents of enrolled preschoolers take on roles dedicated to the business operation of the preschool including the preschool board, facility maintenance and school staffing. Through Edmonds College, the Parent Educator teaches a monthly parent education seminar offering valuable early childhood development curriculum to assist parents of young children in their important role. The Teacher develops the preschool curriculum and is responsible for classroom function and environment during sessions.


Marysville Cooperative Preschool’s emergent curriculum is based in the belief that children learn best through play and discovery. MCP therefore provides children with an environment that emphasizes social interaction and academic learning through play.

The primary focus of the curriculum is the classroom environment.  This is an approach that is aligned with the latest brain research. The preschool teacher observes each child’s interests, actions and needs and develops engaging activities based on these observations. In the school there are defined areas where children can engage in activities of their own choosing. These areas include art, sensory, dramatic play, building, large motor skills, and discovery and language experiences. Children are offered a balance of free choice play and structured group activities each day and are encouraged to interact with each other, teachers and classroom parents. Children can experience a broad range of physical, social, and intellectual activities at their own rate.

The teacher and participating parents work with the children to help them learn how to identify and communicate their feelings and needs as well as develop the social and emotional skills they will need.  Children are encouraged and coached to problem solve with their peers when conflict occurs.  Self help skills such as hand washing, table manners and the ability to follow directions are developed.   When children leave the MCP program they are able to communicate clearly with other children and adults, and they have developed a love for learning and a strong sense of self.


MCP is governed by a board elected by parents each year.  The board is comprised of volunteer parent members and consists of the Executive Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Risk Management Chair, Fundraising/Marketing Chair and Coordinator for each class.  There is also an advisory board consisting of the Teachers and Parent Educators.

The board meets monthly to facilitate preschool operations, manage school business and communicate with Edmonds Community College.  The meeting dates are listed on the school calendar and are open to all members of MCP.