Morning 3-5's

Tuition is $145/month, payable on the first of the month

3-5 AM class is a fun and engaging learning environment where children can develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. In this type of class, parents and caregivers are actively involved in the learning process, working together with teachers and other parents to create a supportive community for children.

The curriculum in this class is play-based and child-centered, with activities that encourage exploration, creativity, and imagination. In the 3-5s class children learn important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and working collaboratively with others. They also develop emotional intelligence by learning to express their feelings and communicate with others. Cognitive development is fostered through activities that promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and language development.

Overall, the 3-5s class provides a warm and supportive environment where children can learn and grow at their own pace, with the guidance and encouragement of caring adults.

Day of the WeekStart TimeEnd Time
Monday9:30 am11:30 am
Tuesday9:30 am11:30 am
Wednesday9:30 am11:30 am