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We hope to help parents and guardians make informed decisions about their child's education and provide a convenient resource for any questions they may have.

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At MCP we understand that each child is unique and has varying needs. We encourage parents to attend class with their child until both feel comfortable with the parent leaving.

No. However, if a child is wearing diapers, arrangements must be made with other parents to cover your child’s diaper changing needs on your non-work days.

The Preschool classes have a color group protocol which can help parents in this situation. You will learn more about this if you choose to enroll. In general, it is your duty to provide a substitute when you are unable to attend class, even in the event of an illness or vacation. You are expected to call other parents to arrange a work day swap. If you can’t find anyone to cover, you are expected to work a make up day within 30 days. You need to inform the class coordinator at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class that you will miss your work day.

We do not currently offer a part time or once-per-week program. Parents can choose to attend only once or twice a week but they will still be responsible for the full tuition payment. We do not encourage parents to attend on a part time basis due to our teaching philosophy and our unique classroom community.

The total tuition for the year is divided into nine (9) equal monthly payments (September – May). Tuition is paid in full each month, regardless of a child’s absence, illness, personal vacations and inclement weather. In the case of an extended illness, contact the Treasurer. You may prepay any portion of tuition due during the school year.

Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. You can drop your cash or check payment in the dues box at school.

Tuition scholarships are available through the Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) Scholarship Fund. The ICC Scholarship funds provide assistance for long-term financial needs. Scholarships are awarded based on income level. All requests are confidential. Contact the Treasurer if you have any further questions.

MCP follows the Marysville School District calendar. We begin school the Monday after the district starts. School ends for the student the Friday before Memorial Day in May. Parents will return the following week to complete their year-end cleaning assignment.

When classes are full we will begin a wait list on a first come first serve basis. A pre-registration form is still required to be added to the wait list.

Yes, parent participation requirements can be fulfilled by another adult as long as they are registered with Edmonds Community College.  Parents are still responsible for maintaining their “Member in Good Standing” status.

The rules regarding siblings and other non-enrolled children are dictated by our insurance carrier and are strictly enforced.

Infant siblings must stay in a front pack or other carrier that safely contains them and allows the parent to participate in class.  Strollers or car seats are not acceptable.  If an infant child cannot be safely contained, they cannot be at school.

Children not enrolled in the class (i.e. older siblings, relatives, friends, etc.) may not attend without prior permission from the Executive Board.

Yes, occasional visitors are welcome.  However, all visitors must be pre-approved by the Executive Board.

Yes. The person attending MCP with the child will be registered with Edmonds College and receive three credits per quarter. If another parent will be attending class or parent meetings, they will also need to be enrolled in Edmonds College for one credit per quarter. The cost is included in tuition paid to MCP.  There are three Edmonds College “quarters” per MCP school year.